Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doctor's appointment today!

Well, at 8:15 this morning, I went to the doctor to get my follicles measured.  I had 2 good sized ones.  One measured at 24.58mm and the second was 19.88mm.  That is good news. The doctors goal was that I would have 2 good sized follies.  YIPPEE!  The other thing that was measured was my uterine lining. That measured at 6.5 mm.  They like it closer to 8, so I am now taking estrogen suppositories for the next 2 days, 3 times a days.  Then, based off of my ovulation kit I may have to give myself an HCG trigger shot.  Right now it is looking as though I will not be needing to give myself the shot.  Thank goodness. Then, starting on Sunday I will be on progesterone suppositories each day until I either find out everything worked or didn't .  In the case that it does work out, I will continue with the suppositories until I am 12 weeks. If I am not pregnant, I can discontinue the progesterone. WOW!  Who would have ever thought this much planning could go into having a family?

Fingers crossed it all goes well.