Thursday, March 15, 2012


well, I told you I would share good or bad news. is bad. It looks like I am miscarrying.  I went to the bathroom and am seeing red blood in the toilet.  It is devestating....especially when you want it so bad.  I guess the fertility dr.'s diagnosis of thin uterine lining was accurate. Even though I got healthy if I don't have adequate uterine lining to support a pregnancy it will not be viable.

I can't help but think...."I am okay...lots' of women bleed and have successful pregnancies." Then, I remind myself that I am not that case......when I bleed it is bad news!!!

I will continue to post when I know more. I plan to call the Dr. tomorrow. They can't do anything now for me. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thought I would share the journey.....

Well, it has been a very long time since my last post. Many things have happened.  I returned from Cancun on March 2.  What an amazing vacation! It was wonderful to reconnect with Eric and just relax. 
We flew first class on the way from Cancun to Boise.  It was not planned or authorized, but the person who checked us in upgraded us and charged my credit card without my permission. I have tried to fight it, but it but the company says I received the service.  At least it wasn't $1000.  Still it stung a little.

Well,  I got back from Cancun and was trying to get back into my normal routine when I realize that I was late for my period. I had been seeing a holistic chiropractor  who had made my last 3 cycles come at day 26.  I don't know what she did, but something changed. On CD 30 I decided to take a pregnancy test because whether or not my periods were on CD 26 or 28 I would officially be late. I ran to the store grabbed the test, did my thing all while expecting the test to come out negative.  Well, it didn't!  It came out positive.....right away!

Let me just say I was shocked! We were not trying. I am not sure if this happened right before our vacation or during?  I have never had a positive pregnancy test like this.  Even when I was pregnant with Taylor. Usually I have to turn my head just in the right light....etc.and still maybe never get a positive result. Not this time!

I know it is early to share, especially with my history of miscarriages. I think I am at 7 now???? Anyway, I tried fertility doctors without success. In fact, I quit getting pregnant when I saw them. I did better on my own. So, I tried something different. I went to a holistic chiropractor 2 times per week for 3 months along with eating a boat load of organic fruits and vegetables. I worked out more, cut out processed foods, alcohol, and sugars.  The chiropractor made my cycle come at 26 days for 3 months. Something she was doing was working. I had an overall healthy feeling and it worked!!!! I am still taking progesterone suppositories twice a day for the first 12 weeks. It is not fun...but worth it if I end up with a healthy baby.  I will continue to share even if things don't work out. I am feeling optimistic this time though! If I can make it to March 30th (7 week appt) then I feel like I will be in the clear. I typically don't make it beyond 6 weeks.

I think it is worth sharing because I had one successful pregnancy on my own and struggled with the second. The holistic chiropractor says it is because I was so unhealthy on the inside. Especially after Taylor....she took all of my nutrients and I never replenished them. I had to try and get healthy from the inside out before I was able to conceive.  The DR. also said that my lower back above my hips is the part of my body linked to reproduction. She focused on relaxing those muscles so that my body would function normally.  ( it worked!)

Wait for it.....The due date is Taylor's birthday!!!  November 15. Crazy huh?