Monday, June 4, 2012

Having Surgery

WOW! What a crazy week it has been. On Memorial Day Eric and I went to go ride dirt bikes. When we finished I noticed that I was bleeding. It looked heavier than normal, but I thought it was my imagination. I asked Eric to take me to Albertsons so that I could get some female items.  After I checked out I went to the restroom. I sat on the toilet and a gush of straight blood came out of me and 2 HUGE plops.  I looked in the toilet and of course was freaked out!  I was not sure where the clots would have come from - or why I would be hemoraging so badly.  I could not even put a tampon in because of the amount of blood.  I just stuffed my underwear with toilet paper and ran to the truck and told Eric that we needed to go to the ER. 

I called Maternal fetal medicine to let them know where I was headed. Of course my dr. was out of town and the on call Dr. didn't want to touch me because of what a rare case I am.

When I got to the ER I was given an ultrasound, vaginal check, and even a blood draw.  They found nothing.. BIG SURPRISE! The blood test revealed that my blood count had not gone down that far and that there was no reason to keep me at the hospital. (what a waste of 4 hours)

I was told to call the dr. the following day to schedule a follow up appointment. I was told that my dr. would not be back in town until Friday so I had to wait. I was still bleeding heavily at this point too. I went to my work office on Wednesday afternoon, with Taylor in tow. I began to feel light headed from all of the bleeding.  When I called the Dr. office I was told to go back to the ER.  I refused because they could not tell me anything. Instead, I asked if they could just draw my blood and see if I was at a point of needing a transfusion. The results showed that I had lost 1.5 units of blood.  The Dr. office told me that it was a lot of blood, but that I should be okay until Friday.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME! SHOULD BE OKAY!  I couldn't believe that no one wanted to see me at the office. 

So, I went home and took it easy until Friday. When I went to the office I was told that I would need to schedule surgery with the fertility Dr. so that I could attempt to save my uterus.   The hope is that I will be able to have laproscopic surgery to go in and lop off the embryonic sack that is not dissolving. Remember that the sack is outside the uterus?!  The Dr's think that the baby started growing inside the uterus, attached to my c-section scar and then grew through the scar - so part of it is in the uterus.....a sack is very vascular. Think fingers spreading out.  As the fertility dr. and high risk dr. talked I was then informed that likely the surgery would be an open surgery. That means that they will cut me open through my c-section scar and I will have to be in the hospital for 2 days. I am nervous that I will wake up without my uterus.....I am also looking forward to having the bleeding end. (it has been 2 months)

This scheduled surgery was something that was planned all along...just down the road.  So, at least it is not something that is happening because I rode dirt bikes.....

Sorry, it is so short and quick. There are so many details it is hard to consolidate.  Wish me luck tomorrow!