Friday, April 23, 2010

Negative test results again.

I have not been good about posting lately and find that I use the blogging world as my way to vent.  This morning at 9am I went in for my Beta.  At 1:30 I got a call and my Beta was negative.  This is the course of action for this month.

Day 1 of my period: call to schedule ultrasound to make sure that I don't have cysts.

Day 7 : Get an FSH shot to trigger follicles to grow.

Day 12: get another ultrasound to measure uterine lining and see how many follicles. (if I have poor lining I take Estradiol suppositories to thicken the lining)

Day 14: Get a HCG trigger shot to stimulate ovulation -- Baby dance to follow.

Day 15: progesterone suppositories until I get the Beta results. If they are positive I continue on them until I am told to STOP.

Seriously. I am thinking that this may be the last cycle until I can catch up financially.  Each ultrasound is $129 per month and not covered by insurance.  That means I have to front the money.  Not only that, but Eric is not liking me on the hormones. He says it makes me more moody. NO KIDDING!  He is not the guy that likes interference.  He is probably going to make this be the last round for a while.  I am kind of on the same page.  Not just because of the money, but if God meant for me to have another baby, I imagine I would by now.  Not feeling real optomistic right now.  I wish that when I talked to Eric he wasn't so negative sounding about another round of treatment.  That makes me more frustrated and not sure of what we are doing.  I thought we were on the same page of trying until I am 31. . . .who knows.  

I need a Miracle right now.