Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls will play.

Here are some pictures of the girls night out.  What fun!  I so needed a night out!  My friend, the one on the left side end, is moving.  This was her going away night out.  I am so sad, we have been pregnant together and our kids are besties and so are we!(husbands included - are great friends)  Love you Angie!

Slip n' Slide

The first outside toy purchase was completed by my 4 (4 1/2 as she says) year old!  She saved her allowance and bought herself a slip n' slide. It isn't the "big" one, we will have to see if she really plays with it enough.

I must say, "I have forgotten how much fun they are!" 

My camera was on some weird setting, so the pictures look weird. . .old . .whatever.

   You have to get a running start. . . .

Then. . .we play in the sprinklers.