Thursday, January 7, 2010

The consensus . ... . ..?

I am posting a picture that my mom had taken of Taylor.  She had bought this ridiculously expensive outfit and wanted a picture.  I brought it home and showed Eric. .. .he was less than thrilled.  Take a look and try to figure out why?

   Eric thought that Taylor looked too grown up and didn't like that her inner thigh was shown in this picture.   LOL!!!  I had to laugh because she is only 4!  I guess that is a sign of what is yet to come.  What a protective daddy. 

My mess of a work place!

I have had a few friends ask where I work and how I am set up at home?  So, I posted a pic of my desk. . .as is. .. and a picture of me with my "nerd" headphones on.  Notice the webcam on one of the two computer monitors. We are very "high" tech at our school.  :)

Notice on the right of the desk is Taylor's "work" space.  I forgot to put a pic of her "desk" , which is on the left wall.  This is the day to day at my house.  My desk is chaos. .. organized piles.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Taylor the bowling champ!

On my birthday we all went bowling. .. it was a blast.  Taylor had so much fun that I had to take her again.  I think I may have some steep competition when it comes to bowling. Apparently, I have yet to improve since my days in highschool.  Sarah Holmquist Morand reminded me that I bowled about a 50 in those days. .. .I must say. .. I am not much better.

It is so amazing to me that my, just turned 4 year old, is so big and able to do so many amazing things.

Here is the big girl.

Look at that smile.

My New Year's eve

This year we were invited to at least 4 different New Year's eve celebrations!  But, as Eric and I discussed which one we should go to . .we thought about ringing in the New Year with Taylor; just the 3 of us.  This was something we had yet to do.  So, we let everyone know that our plans consisted of 3 people, a pot roast, Coldstone icecream and some $3.98 champagne.  We then turned our phones off and enjoyed an evening together.  We played Candyland, Chutes and Ladders and Memory.  It may have not been the most exciting of celebrations, but I as the night ended and we all laid in bed together to share a kiss at midnight. .. .I couldn't have been happier.