Friday, April 27, 2012

Just an update

Well...I have heard more about friends and celebrities being pregnant lately. They are all also due on or around when I should have been. I am not upset...more jealous!  Seeing other people pregnant does not sting like everyone thinks it does.  I am more jealous that I can't also shout from the mountain tops that, " I am pregnant too!" Just to clarify, if you are pregnant and my friend, I am so extremely happy for you and I hope that you are not scared to share your excitement with me.  I totally can separate my excitement for you with what I went through.

I finally had Aunt Flo visit. First time since February 9. sure was nice having a break! I go to the Dr. again next Tuesday for an ultrasound and blood draw. I continue to hope that my levels drop all the way. I DO NOT want surgery!!!! I have been told that I will need to get on birth control and use condoms.  The dr. really wants to ensure that I don't get pregnant.  In addition, he said that I am probably not a candidate for IUD because I will probably have issues with it growing through my uterus.  What luck I have!

On more of a positive note, I wanted to share photos from Taylor's school play. It was The Little Red Hen. She was a duck!  It was so cute. Her school is a school of arts so they focus on arts throughout the world. Taylor was dancing and singing to songs throughout the world.  Pretty darn cute!

 Here Taylor is teaching Eric how to dance....Priceless.