Friday, April 13, 2012

Update since last Saturday.

Okay,  so it has been one week since my traumatic event last Friday.  I have been to the Dr for a follow up appointment last Tuesday. He said everything is progressing fine. My HCG had dropped to 13,000 and it appears as all tissue is dissolving. ( sad huh?)  This means that if things keep moving this direction the risk of surgery will pass. I won't pass the tissue it will have to dissolve fully or I run the risk of being cut open. 

The Dr. told me that he was upset I was not referred to him when it was first determined that the baby was attached to the C-section scar.  He said that was enough above the regular OBGYNs head that they should have at least called him.  I didn't even see a Dr....just a PA during the initial consults.  The Dr. also told me that this would have been a lot less traumatic had we been able to make decisions about everything when I was not 8 weeks along and had an embryo with a heartbeat.

When I went to the Dr he gave me Zoloft and Ambien. I was a wreck last week. Finally hitting a wall and crying uncontrollably.  I guess it is to be expected. I am not going to take the Zoloft because it takes 2 weeks to work and by the time it does I will no longer need it.  THe Ambien, however, is wonderful!  OH...the power of good sleep. I feel less emotional and more clear headed.  I am still sad, but everything is easier to deal with when you are rested.