Thursday, April 7, 2011

My big girl!

She sure loves to dress the way... she now goes by the name "Twilight Sparkle."  ;)

Applying for a new job!

I oftentimes can't think of things to write, but TODAY I have something.  Many of you know that I am in my masters program for special education.  I am also getting an endorsement to be a consulting teacher for special education.  I will be finished with everything in the fall.....YIPPPEE!!

Anyway, my biggest desire right now is to use my degree and endorsement to become a consulting teacher within my school. Guess what?! A job was just recently posted, within my company, for a special education lead teacher consulting position.  I can hardly believe my luck. I didn't have to look for this position to open, it literally landed in my inbox.  I considered applying, but when my supervisor asked me to apply I knew I had to.  So, I updated my resume and wrote my application letter. I have the interview this Friday, over the phone, between 2 and 4.  So, hopefully I will have good news to report by Friday or at the very latest Monday!