Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am 30!

Well today is officially my 30th birthday.  I am kind of freaking about it.  Not necessarily because I am "old" , but because I feel as if I have left behind a much different time.  I am officially an "adult" and people expect things out of me.  I know that sounds ridiculously crazy because I have a daughter, I am a teacher, I own a home, etc.  But, I think about the things that I have done earlier in my life and I get a bit sad because I will never have that independence or worry free times again. .. not that I necessarily want to go back either. 

Maybe I have someone who will read this,. . I don't really know.  But, I do have a memory about each one of you, from an earlier time, who "follows" my blog.

Miranda- Formal. . .when you came to my house to get pics taken at the fireplace of my house for our formal.

Amie - Freshman year of college. .. . when we would walk to the Frat parties together and then walk home a bit tipsie afterwards.  :)  That was so much fun!

Melissa - we used to cheer together. .. what more can I say. . .I just found a button pin of you and I flexing in our cheer uniforms.

Amy- I remember staying the night at your house and your parents buying pizza for us and me having the biggest crush on your brother. I also remember going to your big sisters wedding reception. 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas

We had such a busy, fun filled Christmas. .. I will just include pics to tell the story.   Here is the tree before everyone added their presents.

Here is the overloaded tree. .. ..CRAZY!

Part of the 13 that were at my house. Jody (my brothers wife) Grammy( Eric's mom) and GG(my mom).

My niece and nephew. . .they are twins and Taylor.'

Santa and his reindeer showed up too.

Gram, the one in the blue, is Taylor's Great Grandmother.

The Family.

My brother, Shawn and Phil.. . .after a few drinks and presents.  :)

Before bed, Taylor modeled Eric's hat.  I think I would kiss the cutie!

"Santa" putting together the kitchen for Miss Taylor.

When Taylor woke up that morning she screamed, "Santa left me a kitchen!!! WOOOHOO!"

My dad came after the big group of people left. He stayed the night so that he could watch Taylor open presents in the morning.  But. .. first. .. .he had to model the "infamous" hat.  :)