Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family photo shoot

Well, we finally had family pictures taken on Sunday. The last time they were taken Taylor was 1.  I would say that is long overdue!!!!!  I have not received any pictures except a text of one.  Take a look.

Almost back to zero....

I had a visit with the high risk Dr to get an ultrasound and blood draw to check my HCG levels.  Back on Easter my levels were at 175,000...they are now at 340. That is great news!  My HCGs are dropping as they should.  The Dr. said that he was happy with the speed at which they have declined.  I was given an ultrasound and it appears the sack is still attached to my abdominal wall and has not changed size much. The Dr. did tell me that it was not appearing so Cyst like and bulbus when he compares it to previous ultrasounds.  The sack will likely be removed when I go to the fertility Dr. to begin the process over again...... When my levels are back to zero the Dr. wants me to go see Dr. Slater, she is a fertility specialist. They have talked about me having a procedure in which they take two cameras. One from my abdomen with a needle and another through my uterus to see if the sack is protruding from the uterus still. If this is the case they will cut it off and put stitches where it was. 

When I am fully healed I will be able to try to conceive again.  But, I will be treated at the high risk office as a patient who has had abdominal muscle issues.  The Dr. yesterday told me that if I was successful at conceiving I would need to deliver at 36 weeks via C-section.  The hopes is that by doing all of this we prevent any further complications. 

Whew.....long story.  I am ready for it to be over.

I go back for a blood draw in 3 weeks and an ultrasound in 6.