Friday, May 14, 2010


So, on Tuesday at 8:00am I go in for my final beta.  This test will determine if I ended up pregnant.  Things were looking promising. . .almost too promising.  I am not sure if I wrote this at all, but I had 3 potential eggs and my lining was thicker than ever!  If the results end up not in the direction I am hoping for . .. I am DONE!  No more trying.  I can't afford emotionally or financially to continue with this.  I am tired of counting the days of where I am and how much longer I have.  I am finally in a place where I am okay if the only child I ever have isTaylor. I appreciate the family that we have created and am thankful.  I have started going back to church. .. not because of the infertility thing, but because Taylor has started to ask questions about God.  I would hate to tell her the wrong thing and have her go around repeating that.   LOL!  (This is after a 2 year long break. .. since the divorce I have not been as diligent about going. . .nor have I had the desire)  Okay. .. maybe part of me knows I need to get my head on straight and get my priorities in order! :)

I will keep you posted.  I am not going to keep any result a secret.  I would rather use this blog as an outlet that keep in bottled inside.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My little fish.

Miss Taylor Jo has started swim lessons.  She has to wear a swim cap and goggles. It is too funny.

Little Miss. . .attempting to back float. 

Mothers Day

This year I was absolutely spoiled.  My mother's day started on Saturday.  I went to the car dealership to "just look" for a new car for the family.  One that Eric could actually fit in. (He is soooo tall.)  So, I had previously looked online and found the car/truck that I wanted.  I met with the gentleman at the dealership around 10am.  I test drove the car and LOVED it.  We sat and talk .. .one thing lead to another and he made me a deal I couldn't or shouldn't pass up.  One problem. . .the down payment.  I called and text Eric. He told me to "GO FOR IT!" and he would make the downpayment. . .Happy Mother's Day.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?  I am so thrilled and the owner of a 2008 Honda Ridgeline.  It is beautiful! 

Not only did I get the new car.  .but, Eric is building me a new shower.  I think he got tired of me yelling that I was stuck in the shower each time I used it.  LOL!  The stupid thing wouldn't let me out. So, I wanted to show the pictures of the demolition in my bedroom.  It has caused me much anxiety.