Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

This year I was absolutely spoiled.  My mother's day started on Saturday.  I went to the car dealership to "just look" for a new car for the family.  One that Eric could actually fit in. (He is soooo tall.)  So, I had previously looked online and found the car/truck that I wanted.  I met with the gentleman at the dealership around 10am.  I test drove the car and LOVED it.  We sat and talk .. .one thing lead to another and he made me a deal I couldn't or shouldn't pass up.  One problem. . .the down payment.  I called and text Eric. He told me to "GO FOR IT!" and he would make the downpayment. . .Happy Mother's Day.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?  I am so thrilled and the owner of a 2008 Honda Ridgeline.  It is beautiful! 

Not only did I get the new car.  .but, Eric is building me a new shower.  I think he got tired of me yelling that I was stuck in the shower each time I used it.  LOL!  The stupid thing wouldn't let me out. So, I wanted to show the pictures of the demolition in my bedroom.  It has caused me much anxiety.

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