Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Xbox Rockband

This video is of Taylor, Eric and a friend of our doing Rock Band, part of my birthday present, but really for the whole family. Taylor does a pretty good job. I even had her "singing" last night and she does better than those of us that can read.



Okay, so I have been taking Fertilaid for about a month now and my monthly visitor is officially 6 days late.  I have taken a test on day 2 of being late and it read negative.  I am not sure if I am late because of the fertiliad screwing with my body or because I may have ovulated later than I thought. But, how long do you wait without a period before consulting a doctor?  Do I quit the fertilaid. (Fertilaid is an all natural vitamin that has all you are supposed to need to be able to conceive>.....thought Id give it a shot.)

Christmas Vacation

Our Christmas vacation was wonderful; except that for the last week Taylor and Eric both had horribly high fevers that lasted for 3 days.  When the fever finally broke they were left with a runny nose and chest congestion.  WONDERFUL!  At least I didn't end up with it! 

Christmas Eve was spent at church with my mom, brother's family, and Eric's mom/stepdad and Grandma. We finished the night off with dinner and presents at my moms house.  It is so great that our moms are close enough to hang out without us. Christmas day was just another year of running to all of the houses that we didn't get to spend time with on Christmas.

Here  are some photos.
 Here are all of us ladies with bows in our hair.
 My mom's fabulous job setting the table.
 The Holloway clan.....Notice my brown hair?  Not sure how I feel about it yet.
 The chaos!
 Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
 Santa brought Taylor the vanity that she wanted.....Yeah. Now I have someone to do my hair.
 Christmas night. Eric and I brought our new Kinect to my brothers house for a little DANCE PARTY. You have got to get one!  They are awesome!