Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Taylor and Mommy learned to ride a dirt bike!

Okay, so Taylor and I learned to ride dirt bikes on Tuesday. It was very fun and an adrenaline rush!  I didn't get any videos or pictures of myself, but I have plenty of cutey patooty!


I am so excited! First, I take my final comprehensive exam for my masters program next Friday and Saturday from 9:30-11:30, both days.   Once, they are finished I will have to just finish my last two classes before I graduate on December 14th!!!!!

Here is also some BIG news...... Keep me in  your thoughts!!! I went to the Dr. today to begin the first protocol for IUI. I go in next Friday at 11:45 for an ultrasound ( 15 minutes after my comp. exam) and if things look good that means that on the 16th or so, I will be getting the IUI completed. Let's hope that those 2 weeks after the procedure don't take FOREVER!