Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going to Cancun

I am so excited to finally say this, "We are going to Cancun!"  I am thrilled!  We had decided to take a vacation last summer. Our plans were that if we were pregnant we would take a family vacation. If not....we would take an adult vacation.  So, on February 23 we are off to Cancun until March 2 - just the two of us and a couple we are very close with. This is such a much needed vacation.  Who knows ..maybe we will end up pregnant!  Taylor will be staying with my mom, Eric's mom, My dad, and then Eric's dad throughout the vacation. I didn't want any one person to get burnt out. Crazy that I have that many options for people to help, huh? I don't think we will ever be taking a vacation that does not fall on a break again. The rotation of Taylor is enough to make anyone want to scream. Normally, I wouldn't have to arrange so much, but now that she is in kindergarten I don't want her to miss school or her dance classes.

I am still eating fruits and vegetables (which for those that know me...I NEVER ate them before.)  and going to the holistic chiropractor.  I have such amazing changes; including my monthly visitor coming 2 days earlier for the last 2 months and being much heavier, which is a good thing. (Madeline says this is because of my treatments with her.) When we get back from Mexico we will decide if we are up for additional fertility treatments. I am just hopeful that becoming healthier from the inside out will lead to a viable pregnancy without treatments.