Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am 30!

Well today is officially my 30th birthday.  I am kind of freaking about it.  Not necessarily because I am "old" , but because I feel as if I have left behind a much different time.  I am officially an "adult" and people expect things out of me.  I know that sounds ridiculously crazy because I have a daughter, I am a teacher, I own a home, etc.  But, I think about the things that I have done earlier in my life and I get a bit sad because I will never have that independence or worry free times again. .. not that I necessarily want to go back either. 

Maybe I have someone who will read this,. . I don't really know.  But, I do have a memory about each one of you, from an earlier time, who "follows" my blog.

Miranda- Formal. . .when you came to my house to get pics taken at the fireplace of my house for our formal.

Amie - Freshman year of college. .. . when we would walk to the Frat parties together and then walk home a bit tipsie afterwards.  :)  That was so much fun!

Melissa - we used to cheer together. .. what more can I say. . .I just found a button pin of you and I flexing in our cheer uniforms.

Amy- I remember staying the night at your house and your parents buying pizza for us and me having the biggest crush on your brother. I also remember going to your big sisters wedding reception. 


  1. Happy birthday! I will always remember you as the most beautiful girl in any room. You have the most perfect smile. You will never grow out of that! Enjoy your day and eat some cake!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Britt!!! Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing memories!!! Just think better memories are to come. Take care and thanks for always sharing a little bit of you in your blog. Love Amie

  3. Happy Birthday Brittany! I hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY! I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true! Love Melissa

  4. Happy Birthday lady! I remember that formal too, so much fun, but what I also remember was sitting next to you in English class and laughing and talking when we were supposed to be paying attention. You are more beautiful now that ever! Enjoy 30 baby!