Monday, March 1, 2010

The gymnast starts again!

                                                Hard to believe she is just 4. .. what a tall beanpole.

Taylor has started gymnastics again.  It is so amazing to see how much she has improved from the last time.  I was so excited because I had found this great leotard (see above) and it fit her LONGGG torso. (size 5-6)  Well, the poor child kept picking her wedgie. . .in the front. . .the entire class.  I was mortified!  I felt like screaming. . "YES. . I do bathe her!"  Lucky for me the teacher has seen this more times that I can count.  She simply said, "next time don't put underwear underneath."  Isn't the underwear supposed to stop the front wedge?

Here are some more pics. .. they are blurry because Taylor is always in action. 



Seriously!  I think I want to join gymnastics!

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