Friday, April 9, 2010

The tantrums. . .Oh man!

Ok.  Tell me that my once sweet, angelic, child will come back soon!  Taylor has been having the worst meltdowns and always in front of company.  The girl has no shame.  She does not care where she decides to melt into the floor and cry.  The more we say "stop and quit" the more she screams. I truly believe she likes to hear herself scream. She will even look at herself in the mirror while she screams. LOL!

Not only that. .. she is emotional!  I am talking BIG time.  Now, I have always considered myself emotional and dramatic, but HOLY COW!  This girl takes the cake.  She cries when I let Eric take her to preschool, she cries when I ask her to go to the toilet before bed, she cries when Eric looks at her, she cries when she doesn't get her way and I am sure we will discover a new thing that makes her cry today. 

Last night we had friends from California over for dinner.  They have two, perfect little girls.  All was great until they had to leave.  Guess what?!  Taylor cried and threw a fit.  I told her to go upstairs and get her jammies on while we walked the company out because she was being so embarrassing.  The company couldn't even get her to STOP.  So, after walking the company out, we came upstairs and Taylor cried and wailed even louder because she didn't get to walk the company outside.  (REALLY?!)  Ok.  Then.  . . .oh. . it gets better. . .she hit Eric!  I couldn't believe it.  She can't even control herself.  So, we just put the covers over her.. . didn't brush her teeth. .left the room and let her cry. . scream. . .and throw a fit. We had hoped that by not feeding into her that she would stop. NOPE!  After 35 minutes of this and Eric about going CRAZY, saying that we have a spoiled brat, he went back into the room (after a daddy break) and calmed her down enough so that we could do our bedtime routine. 

I am not sure what is going on?  I try to NOT spoil her, but apparently I am . Eric is often working late and the discipline is left up to me.  I guess I am not doing as great a job as I thought.  I know that I am more of a "sucker" than Eric.  But, I carried this child for 9, almost 10 months.   I am at a loss.  I want to scream!


  1. Oh, man, I'm going through some of this with Abi too, obviously she's a lot younger but I can tell it's just the beginning. I truly believe the only way to handle it is to completely ignore it. I don't know if that will always work or not, but it seems they just want attention and have learned negative ways to get it. If you think of anything else that works let me know! I get out a book when Abi has a tantrum and start reading, my pediatrician told me to do this and so far it's been pretty successful.

  2. My son used to do that all the are not alone! We were also told to completely ignore him when he behaved that way (and for a little while afterward) and it helped a lot...but we nearly went crazy listening to him scream for an hour too! I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that she's spoiled--I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job with her! Keep your chin up...this behavior doesn't last forever (I promise!).