Thursday, September 9, 2010

So frustrated.

I am so frustrated I anxious I can't sleep.  Since the day Taylor turned 3 she has been enrolled in a small Montessori preschool.  I knew all the parents and children.  I loved the 3 teachers and would converse with them.  Well, this year the preschool teacher sold her company to a woman who is not Montessori certified.  I have an issue with that because now no one is certified.  I also have a problem that the front sign out front reads, "ages 3-6" and there are now 5, 18 month olds in her class. They are not separated either. Taylor plugs her ears because of the noise.  I am also upset because now there are toys that are not Montessori toys around. I am upset because I pay $425 for 3 days per week. (8:30 am -3:30 pm)  I enrolled my daughter under the premise that the preschool would stay the same.  I don't want the validity of the program to be compromised. 

Said frustrations, I asked the preschool teacher for two weeks of enrollment back because I do not feel like I am getting what I signed up for.  She says , "No. I am sorry that you have to tell yourself those things to make yourself feel better."  WTF?!  I am stating facts and am not the only one with these concerns. 

Taylor is now enrolled in a different preschool , but I cannot start her because I will not be getting any money back.  So, Taylor will have to wait until next month. 


I am not a bitch on purpose to this teacher. I am sure she is going to be nice and all.  But, the issues I do not like will not go away with time. They will always remain.  I am confrontational when it comes to my daughter and what I feel is best.  If that makes me a bitch....I guess I am.

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