Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally am at peace.

Well, last Friday was rough.  I found out I wasn't pregnant and then got the blood test results from the doctor - which again....told me what I didn't want to know.  I was a mix of emotions.  At least I had prepared myself for the fact that I  was almost 100% sure I wasn't pregnant.  I think that helped prevent a massive melt down.

When the nurse called she said that Eric and could do one more round of injections and the TI. (timed intercourse- sorry if too much infor.) Eric and I had talked and decided that we were pretty much OVER it! He isn't willing to try anything further or more invasive.  Which is sad for me, but I have to respect his feelings.  With that said, I am doing okay.  I think I prepared myself enough prior to the official word.

So, here is the plan....for once I can say I feel good about the decision and am not lying to myself.
We are not going to prevent pregnancy...we are not going to "try", and we are going to Cancun again. :)  I am also going to put myself on Fertilaid, just in case I do get pregnant I don't want to miscarry because I have a thin uterine lining. Supposedly this will help with that.  (have any of you heard of this?)

So....unless I am pregnant you probably won't have to listen to me vent about not being pregnant anymore.

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  1. Oh Brit. I am sorry to hear that. It sucks that so many people can just sneeze and get pregnant and yet great parent like you and Eric struggle to.