Monday, September 12, 2011

Such a long time ago.....

Well, I am not sure where to start as my last post was months ago! Let's see.....I am back to school teaching and attending. I will be graduating the December with my Masters of Education in Special Education with an endorsement for consulting teaching.  So...that is very excited! I can't wait to have free time! :)

Aside from that Taylor began Kindergarten.  She loves it!  She asked if she could ride the bus to school and so I let her...but, only because the bus stop is 3 houses down from mine. The terrible part about the busing system is that she rides the bus to her home school and then switches buses to go to her school. ( I put her in a charter school.)  So, the first day I met the bus at school....just to make sure that she made it! I stood there camera in hand taking pictures.  After, the second picture I noticed that she was crying as she was getting off of the bus.  When I asked her what was wrong she couldn't even explain to me because she was crying so hard. ( I think she was just shuffled along and the bus drivers forgot to explain what she should do.)

One more bit of news.....I begin the fertility process again. We will be trying IUI this time. I went in 2 Fridays ago to make our plan of action. While I was talking with the doctor I asked her to give me a pregnancy test because I was having such a weird period.  Well, as it turns out I was pregnant...but, miscarrying.  I am not sad about it because I think I am up to 7 total miscarriages now.  I hadn't had a miscarriage in so long this was a total shock!  Anyway, once everything is all healed up and I get my next cycle we can begin taking the drugs and shots and ultrasounds.....YEAH!  (not really)

Here are some pictures from this summer and from Taylor's first day of school.

 Can you say,"CHEESY"?!

 The day of whitewater fun!
 Here we are getting pulled behind my brothers boat.   This must have been moments before the huge SPLASH!
 Not sure if I posted our white water rafting pics.
 We made sandcastles on the beach in McCall, Idaho.  Beautiful!
We took Taylor to Lagoon. It is an amusement park in Ogden, UT. So much fun! We are nearly in the park camping.

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