Monday, November 28, 2011

Start of something new.

Well, today marks the official start at my attempts to be healthy.  I am still waiting for the Infertility Cure, book that I ordered to come. I am very anxious to start reading it.  In the meantime, I went to Costco and bought all Natural or organic food and drinks to nosh on. (carrot juice, Kefir, Soy milk, almonds,and Organic meat) I am hoping that by minimizing the animal products that I eat, which contain hormones, it will help with my can't hurt.  In addition, I am upping the amount and frequency of workouts.  (There is a DVD set that I would like to get- it is Yoga specifically designed for fertility) I have also scheduled acupuncture sessions. There is a ton of reading out there that discusses the benefits of such practices when trying to increase fertility.

So, wish me luck that I can survive this.  I have a terrible snacking addiction.  

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