Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holistic Chiropractor

Okay, I just wanted to give an update on my experience, thus far, with the holistic chiropractor.  I feel AMAZE Balls! (Like Guilianna Rancic says)  I have been sleeping better and not waking up or struggling to fall asleep.  I have had regular BM's (which are not usual), and my period started 3 days early and was heavier than it has been in years. All of these things tell me that my body is reacting appropriately to the treatment. The period thing is the most amazing thing of all. I have been tracking my periods for years and cannot tell you the last time I started my period early without being on fertility drugs. In addition, I am MUCH heavier than I have been in a long time. This tells me that my lining was thicker than the previous months.   (YEAHHHH! This is what we wanted to happen without fertility drugs.)

   I am truly in shock! You don't really realize how poorly you were feeling until you actually feel good.  I so  badly wanted to believe that Holistic Chiropractic work could help me feel better or even "fix" me. I was, initially, a skeptic. Now, that I see and feel all of these amazing changes I am a believer in holistic approaches to fertility. I am NOT pregnant yet.... but, who knows!?

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