Thursday, May 3, 2012, it may never go away????

I went to the Dr. again yesterday! The ultrasound tech. tried to put me in the room where everything happened. I clearly stated that I would not be stepping foot into that room. She gladly obliged and we moved. While examining me the tech took measurements of the embryonic sack that is still attached to my abdominal wall....there is no tissue inside though.  She told me that the sack had not shrunk in two weeks. I immediately began to freak out because I don't want to be cut open to remove it. She left the room and paged the Dr. When Dr. Blea came into the room he was smiling as usual. He said that the sack had not shrunk, but that he was not concerned because my last HCG, two weeks earlier, had dropped to 53,000. He further stated that as long as the HCG continues to drop he will not be concerned. I was informed that the sack may never fully go away. It has likely grown into my abdominal muscle. It will probably turn into scar tissue and then, may or may not dissolve....eventually. How weird that I still have part of the pregnancy that I wanted so badly inside of me....and it may never go away????!!!

I was given another blood test and was told that if the levels have dropped like they should I will be called and told that I can just go to the hospital for blood draws until the levels return to 0. In addition if they have dropped appropriately I can be intimate again and will be put on birth control. (Killl me now...I haven't been on BC for 5 years)  At least the BC will be temporary until I can meet with the fertility Dr.....around October and plan the next course of action - if we decide to take that route.

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