Friday, November 20, 2009

Taylor's 4th Birthday

The day started with hear shaped pancakes, made with love by daddy.

This is the "Cinderella" cake I made.  Eric laughed at it.  I cried. . .Taylor love it!  This cake was HORRIBLE to make!  Not as easy as you would think.

Taylor got her first motorcycle helmet . . courtesy of Daddy.  He thinks she will become a professional.  I have my reservations.

My dad bought Taylor a miniature vacuum.  This was my personal favorite gift.  Guess who gets to "earn" her keep now. Joking!  LOL!  She loved it. . and tried it out immediately.

The stack of gifts. .  the picture does not do it justice.

Overall, a great birthday.  There were 37 people in our 1800sq. ft. house.  That is the MAX our house can hold.

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  1. She is so adorable! You can tell that you are such a great and proud mom! I am so happy for you