Friday, November 20, 2009

You know you "really" are a mom when. . .. .

So, my pride and joy, Taylor has been exercising her opinions in a way I would describe as "less than enjoyable."  I have found myself reverting to 4 year old more than once these past 2 months.  Here is how it started.  . .I drove "early" to pick up Taylor from preschool,assuming that she would be thrilled that I had picked her up early.  Instead I pulled up and all of the kids were outside at "recess."  I heard a small boy tell me, "Taylor is in the box sleeping."  I thought that was weird, but looked around for her.  Indeed, I did find her in a box, the size of a Huggies box.  She was laying in the box, not moving.  The other children and myself said, "Taylor, get up. . .it is time to go home. "  . . .. no response. After a few minutes of this, I picked the box up and dumped her out, ever so gently. She then proceeds to run from me and scream as she does so.  I say, "Taylor, it is time to go." She continues to run to the side of the preschool, behind the shed.  I follow her and she keeps running from me and screaming.  When I finally catch her, I put her in a hold that can only be compared to as; the way you would carry a sack of potatoes under one arm.  There she was. . .kicking her arms. .. flailing about. .. .screaming. .. crying. . .scratching.  All for what?  Because she was dumped from a box?  LOL!  Anyway.  I somehow managed to put her in her booster seat, but not before she whacked me in the face!  (This is where I lost it and reverted to the 4 year old!)  I began to yell. .. I mean "loud!"  Over top of my child!  I began to drive down the road, but Taylor would not give up. . .she continues to wail!  So... what would any mature mother do?  I pulled the car over, grabbed her from the car seat and put her in the grass on the side of the road.  There she threw the worlds most classic temper tantrum.  Face down screaming, arms and feet kicking temper tantrum.  I just stood there in awe of what my child was capable of.  I had never seen such a fit.  The best was the cars driving by, the entire time that Taylor was having her fit.  I finally told her that she would not be getting back into the car until she was done.  I started to walk towards the car. . bluffing her. . .and she "STOPPED!"  What the hell!  Just like that?!  Then, it was over.  Taylor got back into the car and we went home.

This was only the first of many temper tantrums to be had within the last few months.  Tell me that I am not alone.  Tell me that my daughter is "normal" for a, just turned 4 year old.

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