Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amy gave me an idea . . .

Mrs. Amy gave me an idea for a post . .because I am still waiting for pictures from my 80's party. (thanks Amy!)

   Ten things you maybe didn't know about me.

1.  I moved to Boise because my ex boyfriend from highschool gave me a black eye. 

2.  I have had 5 miscarriages. .. I think. . .maybe 6.

3.  I am in my 7th year of teaching special education.  ( I teach the students who have an IQ of around 40-70.)

4.  I have been divorced from Eric for 3 years, this Valentines day, but our relationship is better than ever.  And, NO there are no plans to remarry.  Doesn't mean it won't happen. .. I'm still holding on to hope- but,our relationship seems to work better this way! ( This June will be 9 years together though)

5.  I can eat a whole batch of rice krispie treats in one sitting. 

6. I can't stand when the shower curtain is left open.

7.  I am almost anal retentive about my kitchen floors being clean.

8.  I am seriously having issues with being 30. .. not even joking!  I don't know how to explain it. . .not like a mid life crisis, but I feel OLD, Like I should have done more, and that I have so much left to do and like I am half over my life. . .(not really) but . . . if I could do it over would I do it the same?

9.  I was married and divorced two doors down from each other. . .same building, same floor.  :)

10.  I LOVE. .. LOVE. .. Beer. (redneckish . . .maybe)

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