Monday, May 3, 2010

Dreading this month.

Ok.  Do you ever feel like you have spread yourself too thin?  Committed to too much?  That is exactly how I feel right now.  I have a million things up in the air and I feel like they are all coming down on me at once.  Let me list them. .. just for my sanity.

1.  This is Eric and I's last month of "trying" with the fertility crap until I either get it paid down or . . .I don't know.  Let's just hope this month works.

2. As a special education teacher the months of March, April and May bring a lot of deadlines. One of which is coming down to the wire on May 22nd.  AGHHHH!  I have to complete State mandated tests for each of my students who has an IQ of 70 or below.  That brings the grand total to 7!  Each student takes me 2 days to complete.

3.  I am teaching summer school.  I have to complete paperwork and phone conferences for each kiddo that  qualifies. There have been 10. Two to go!

4. Something that I am trying to plan for:  I am starting my masters program in June.  One class lasts from 8am-5pm and then 6-8pm for 5 straight days.  Who is going to watch Taylor during that time?  Eric works.  Daycares close at 5:30. . .my friends work. . .. .  AGGGHHH!

5. I began promoting an all natural product called Melalecua.  It is amazing for families, non-toxic and has provided me with extra income each month. But, I have extra work involved. 

Seriously may not seem like a ton to you all,but on top of that I am a mom. That comes first! So, trying to fit this all in, in my "free" time is difficult. 

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