Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Over the moon!

So, Eric and I have been trying for a LONNNGGG time to get pregnant and then decided that we didn't want to go further in the process. We were burnt out.  Actually, I would have gone all the way to IVF, but Eric had an issue with the specimen thing. I let him be...didn't push or prod when all I wanted to do was make him want as badly as I wanted to have a baby.

Last spring I told Eric I wanted to get rid of all of the baby items. He told me to wait until the next spring.  I did. I tried to get a dog in the summer.  Eric said," wait until next summer. " "If you aren't pregnant by then, you can buy one."  I waited.  Well....1 year later I just sold most of the baby items I had. I have looked at a dog that I wanted to buy and found the one....A Yorkie Poo.  I was reminding Eric of what he had said last year when he denied having ever said that. That didn't sway me.. I still had my plan to purchase the dog and just bring her home.

(this is rambling...but it will flow at the end)

Fast forward two days. We are laying in bed watching TV and talking when he comments on a baby on TV.  "Remember when Taylor was that small?"  Eric keeps making these comments that are not "typical" for him.  The next morning he says to Taylor, "Why doesn't mommy have a baby?"   That comment didn't hurt my feelings, it only showed me that Eric has been thinking of babies lately.

Two days after this Eric leaves for Minnesota. He calls me last night and said......WAIT...for IT.....
That he has been thinking a lot lately and thinks it is a good idea if one month prior to my masters program graduation we go back to the doctor and do whatever it takes to get pregnant!!!!!!!  I immediately started to cry. I never thought he would come around.   I guess he just realized that he wants a baby more than he dislikes the idea of "going" in a cup.


  1. YEAH! Congrats on this news! I hope the journey is short and sweet with a tiny blessing in the end! You are in my prayers...

  2. OMG! That is so exciting!!! I'll be praying for you and that things go super smooth! So happy for you!