Monday, April 25, 2011


This year we had the most AMAZING church service!  It was one of those services that leaves you thinking way after you have left.  Pastor Mark was talking about "seeing dead people" in our churches. He related it to the movie, Sixth Sense.  What he meant was that oftentimes the people who go to church every Sunday and try to live a life on the correct path while following all of the "rules" end up just going along with the motions. Those people don't really allow Jesus to be present in their lives. Pastor Mark talked about trying to allow God to enter your life truly...not by just going through the motions.  It really made me think that I am probably not doing the best that I could be doing in that department.  ....something to work on I guess.

......after church we spent the day at my brothers house. Here are the pictures.

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