Monday, November 21, 2011

Another..not so clear test.

I just really should stop torturing myself and wait until my blood test on Wednesday. I think I am trying to prepare myself to have the visit from A.F. I guess my logic is that if I see a not so clear or even negative test that getting A.F. or a negative blood test won't hurt so bad. 

I took another test this morning...however, it was only16 hours from the first one.  This test looked the same as the first. Not a real definitive line..but, if I turn my head just so.  I think I will chalk this one up to a negative.

Then, I think about the fact that I could be seeing the evaporation line or the "normal" part of the pregnancy test that the manufacturers tell you that you may just see.  Seriously....pregnancy tests aren't so easy either.  Between the possibly pregnancy symptoms and the possible line on the pregnancy test I am making myself nuts!

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  1. Buy the ones that say pregnant or not lines to worry about. It will come back negative if you test to early. I know for fact because I have tested early with my 2nd and this current pregnancy and 4 or 5 days later, it was positive and perfect :)

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