Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween for my Little Penguin...

Halloween was a bit different for us this year.  Typically, we have our very close friends and their two children along for the festivities.  Unfortunately, they have moved to Tennessee and we were without them.  Instead, my mom and step-dad came along for the fun.  Taylor had a great time!  We started very early around 5:30 because it was so cold.  The best part of starting early was that people are less stingy with the candy and are more inclined to be generous with the first person. :)  We were home in about an hour or so and could not believe how much candy we hauled in!

 I must have tossed her last years bucket....Notice the hand made bag?
 Taylor said, " I can't believe daddy made me carve that kitty pumpkin by myself!"
 Our neighbor and Taylor.
My mom, GG and Taylor. 
 Taylor took my mom and said that she wanted to try and scare her at the "scary House!"
 Daddy and Taylor checking out the loot.
She is looking a bit tired at the end of the night.

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